A Time To Reflect: Demons. We All Have Them.

Regardless of your affinities to the genre or the band I believe there are things of immense value in the lyrics.

I listened to the song “Demons” by Imagine Dragons and felt an overwhelming sense of being human. I didn’t like it.

The people I thought of while drawing this are the people to whom I owe my happiness because they make it so much easier to exist. Anyone who knows something painful about my past even if I was smiling when I confessed it, I care because I let you see that abandoned, self-destructive and perpetually angry thing that dwells just under my skin. This is what many of us crave: acceptance and companionship and it is one of the greatest human gifts.

Thank you for accepting me.

By Rohini James
Copyright November 2013
All Rights Reserved


I felt your beams when you waltzed through.
The crowds breathed and lived around you.
You were smiling in the truest sincerity for the first time.
My mouth agape I welcomed it, praying its longevity,
And your hands opened to me,
With palms softened by tearful holding,
That had shunned the light from thy silver eyes,
While crouched in fetal sorrow so stinging and clandestine.

Black rooms are known to swallow our secrets,
As friends tremble together in the heat of night.
To the walls confessed their growing weakness,
Lending to the soul a season of change over night.

You found your healing in no companion.
And I exalt your resilience, to rise unbroken
Amended your fissures be, dearest love, my immortal
With beauty more effervescent, having been polished
by purgatorial flame so unrelentingly true, pure and unendurable.
Immaculate now you are, your parentage of suffering;
It’s redolence is thy virtue

It’s wonderful. You were never too far gone.
Never as damaged as we once feared we would remain forever.
The wounds no more, your blood as golden lacquer
And it’s proximity to thy sienna skin gives luminous glowing
To every truth and torment that pushes through your brokenness.
Does it still bring pain? It lavishes all in light.
And I see you wince in worry, a stranger to euphoric oneness.
It holds true, woman of woe and chaste allure; change is fright.
But all freedom and peace is sweeter when preceded by a fight.

By Rohini James
Copyright November 2013
All Rights Reserved

Lonely At The Top

I’ll admire very battle scar if you fought a noble war.
When impoverished by thy kindness would I love you all the more.
When broken by a brother’s burden mercy lavished will befall
But if on pride thou dost strut should I scorn thy breed of tall.

Arrogance bleeds scarlet letters, spelling empty self-praise.
The loveliness of a pedestal is marred and laid to waste.
What merit have these vanities, devoid of any soul?
You are crumbling under these trophies, the condemnations gold.

How must love entreat thee if you have wed a glass reflection?
‘Tis a lonely life but you see it not, too enamored with thy deception.
What values placed could er’ compare a warm kiss to medals of stone?
Not a soul cares or would have you near as you achieve these great milestones alone.

By Rohini James
Copyright November 2013
All Rights Reserved