Just Like You

You are to me an everlasting dawn
Drenched in nature’s most vibrant watercolor
As if all of creation were grey against your hues.
Nothing more lovely is outside of your estate
Nor can it live without thy breath drawing nearer and warmer still.

Endow me residence within thy boundaries
Where I, upon the shoulders of thine perfection, will rest
For as long as you will have me
To love thee beyond youth, beyond beauty
And far beyond the arms of the most steadfast wealth.

In the peaceful and the tumultuous
Thy presence is significant and enveloping.
And like thunder encroaching on a flamingo skyline,
Or a receding ocean about to be thrashed
Against the jagged face of a pastoral cliff side
Your loveliness is volatile and adeptly transformative.
This evening the light died in a slow, poetic yielding
Of vibrance to smooth blackness that swallowed the world.
And just like you nothing was ever so tenderly luminous, or potentially violent.
You were always a sunset on the verge of thunderous cataclysm.

By Rohini James
Copyright July 2014
All Rights Reserved

photo credit: Onebigphoto.com

Live A Little, Doll Face



There is a metaphor in here somewhere.

By Rohini James
Copyright July 2014
All Rights Reserved