My Shadow Aspires to Your Silhouette

You kept my hands gentle to one day love a man.
You disciplined them with dish grease, books, and bleach
Because docile, pretty, unskilled hands attract the wrong man.
More so, you taught my hands to build solace,
And lectures came with the consistency of stiff honey
Until my words and spirit were as sweet;
Until its resilience and longevity were parts of me.
Mommy has daughters that make daddy swell with pride.
I will be broken in your likeness to resemble your vision,
To be modeled against your form, only if life is kind.

By Rohini James
Copyright February 2015
All Rights Reserved

Willing Prey

How does your soul, so full and abundant,
Not spill and flood the world?
It begs your touch as a primed canvas
Starved of the zeal of a generous brush,
Whose strokes deplete all uncertainty.
Galaxies collapse and are born behind
Your idealist, kaleidoscope eyes
And daring to stand in the path of your rare overflow, I
Do, time and time again, die;
In the turbulence of your mind,
In the wrath of your autonomy.
I wear a jaw, gaping in awe
That aches from asking so many questions,
Hanging slack to consume all of your hesitant answers.
Brimming spirit of noise and color is alive in the dull and sparse.
That minimalist smile does not compromise your exuberance,
The fullness of your thunderous laugh.
I am broken, holding your gate ajar;
One eye going blind in the fray.
I look into the sun in the cage of your chest,
And its shrapnel brilliance nearly strips me away.
I haven’t the brawn to keep it open
But I am emaciated enough to slip through and be trapped.
I see now what you meant about catching lovers
As I am greeted with the bones crowding the chasms of your heart.

By Rohini D. James
Copyright January 2015
All Rights Reserved.

January Mornings

Lights hung strung under the night, haphazardly
Against the robust silhouette of a sleeping land
Like tangled christmas strings that never blink and never change.
They were doused and swallowed black, one by one as the evening aged
And waned into dawn.

The lingering moon yawned, taking the night into its pearl circumference.
Heaven was warmed by the sun;
Yonder lazing star that sedated the moon and its glinting children
Until nothing was left but the cotton exhales of the day
Leisurely billowing by.

January mornings should bless me with wings
While there is dew and light I would want for nothing
For I could join in under the fire of the east
While my home sleeps
In the cold shadows of the first dawns of the year.

By Rohini D. James
Copyright January 2015
All Rights Reserved

Just Like You

You are to me an everlasting dawn
Drenched in nature’s most vibrant watercolor
As if all of creation were grey against your hues.
Nothing more lovely is outside of your estate
Nor can it live without thy breath drawing nearer and warmer still.

Endow me residence within thy boundaries
Where I, upon the shoulders of thine perfection, will rest
For as long as you will have me
To love thee beyond youth, beyond beauty
And far beyond the arms of the most steadfast wealth.

In the peaceful and the tumultuous
Thy presence is significant and enveloping.
And like thunder encroaching on a flamingo skyline,
Or a receding ocean about to be thrashed
Against the jagged face of a pastoral cliff side
Your loveliness is volatile and adeptly transformative.
This evening the light died in a slow, poetic yielding
Of vibrance to smooth blackness that swallowed the world.
And just like you nothing was ever so tenderly luminous, or potentially violent.
You were always a sunset on the verge of thunderous cataclysm.

By Rohini James
Copyright July 2014
All Rights Reserved

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I can bear no more waiting
As my thoughts linger on thy memory.
My consciousness stol’n bears no other name.
I want for nothing from cloud 99,
Where by beauty I was transported

Effervescent splendor, everlastingly thine.

Roses die and fires of passion lull
Rendering lust obsolete and infatuation null.
But the luster of your face, the fullness of perfection
Residing in your heart so pure
Smolders with intensity that scorches all raw.

Only one thing persists and breaths through the inferno;
That is my admiration and desire for you,
And on this lovely valentines day I am brave,
Gallant enough to let it be known.

By Rohini James and Jabari Benjamin
Copyright February 2014
All Rights Reserved

My Ally

Years passed have since affirmed
That my peace lies within
And that reliance on humanity
Brings anxiety and pain.

We have no allies.

Long, silent, lonely moments
Spent struggling to soothe my anguish
Have since affirmed that I’m breaking.
My mind is a hive, I know no comfort.

I’m barely alive and I need an ally.

You parted your hands to cradle mine.
They fit like they were made for your embrace.
And I yearn for the dizzying thrill
Of sharing a breath, holding your face,
finding that center and matching your pace.

Even if every hour until now has been wasted
And I have nothing to show for my toil and pain
I hold the recollections of your presence dear,
My justification and assurance that I’ve been right if only once
For my illusive merit has afforded me immeasurable reward.

That is my victory, my true north,
The home I sought after desperately.
I’ve found the grey, the firmament between two painful extremes
Where we are free from the world as it stands against you and I
And existing no longer torments my mind
For I find perspective and emancipating silence in you.
I fight alongside My ally.

By Rohini James
Copyright January 2014
All Rights Reserved

A Confession


Let me be your everything.
For you are the pillars that make me stand.
Let no margin be drawn to tear us further.
I’ll be swayed by no war or wrath of man.
I’ve doubted the whole world, my only faith is in their failure,
But my will to be deceived has never been more sound than now.
You are exempt from my dismal predictions.
Despite all reason imploring me to flee
I see myself in thee.
So if I fail to trust in love, my dear
I lack utmost faith in me.

I’ve professed every desire.
If you touch me, I am raw.
I bleed dissatisfaction.
You refuse to give me more.
Never decidedly seeking me.
Am I a drug you’re ashamed to crave?
With a cavalier disposition you flaunt most boldly
The fact that you don’t need me,
without me, you’re the same.

I’m aware that I can live without you
But your memory would make it hell.
I’m tender and raw, fallen before you
Begging for some sort of tell;
The slightest weakness that crowns to adulation.
Here I am, broken by temptation.
If you need me just say it is so.
Feeling foolish as your glazed eyes overlook this confession.
Every wordless moment a long torture so slow.

By Rohini James
Copyright January 2014
All Rights Reserved