Black Axis

This ephemeral suspension clings to me as a single silk spindle
With elasticity that betrays the weight of my sorrow
So that I force its longitudes to span my abyss
Yet it is without the strength to bring cessation to my decent
That grows slow as I exhaust the stretch of its fibers.

I am captive to gravitational law and the foreign
Dynamics of this realm to which I am a comfortable alien;
An alien pendulum spiraling into darkness
That hath no boundaries or dimensions on this its swinging axis

But oh, does this night have the density of compact mania
And the melancholy of a thousand strung up men.
It compounds the heart as a body on the sea floor
Where no light may ever hope to touch,
Devoid even of air to bring relief to the dying.

By Rohini James
Copyright June 2015
All Rights Reserved


Oh, to be happy, to be well,
How the quest has made hedonists of us all;
How we lust after peace that doth flood the soul’s wells.
Thrill and love and dopamine: our idols to chase
As a sunset on an ever-retreating horizon.

If only the world sought not its origin but its nature.

Oh, to make it mine!
Every instance my laughter is stolen by the wind;
To see my bruises in victorious halos;
To feel life on the breath of a lover in a mingled atmosphere;
To be sated with pride in effort even in failure;
To see my blood on the deeds of the estates of my toil;
To inherit the fulness lives before mine have thirsted after;
To abide in the world, restful and sedate,
Without tumult even in death.

By Rohini James
Copyright February 2015
All Rights Reserved


I am scattered galaxies coming into being.
I am stolen pieces of personality,
Parts of every life I have been in convening
Into a series of thoughts within one entity.
I am every lie and dream and hope,
Everything obscure that I have fabricated to explain myself.

I am my every explanation contrived for my own comfort
And I am selectively blind to forge security.

I am a compact life of vast composition
That at one point or another has been so far spread
Over worlds and time that I could have been anywhere
Anything, everything.

Yet, for now, folded into an existence so far beyond me,
I am also nothing at all;
a thoughtless breath on borrowed time.

By Rohini James
Copyright April 2014
All Rights Reserved

A Time To Reflect: Demons. We All Have Them.

Regardless of your affinities to the genre or the band I believe there are things of immense value in the lyrics.

I listened to the song “Demons” by Imagine Dragons and felt an overwhelming sense of being human. I didn’t like it.

The people I thought of while drawing this are the people to whom I owe my happiness because they make it so much easier to exist. Anyone who knows something painful about my past even if I was smiling when I confessed it, I care because I let you see that abandoned, self-destructive and perpetually angry thing that dwells just under my skin. This is what many of us crave: acceptance and companionship and it is one of the greatest human gifts.

Thank you for accepting me.

By Rohini James
Copyright November 2013
All Rights Reserved