Willing Prey

How does your soul, so full and abundant,
Not spill and flood the world?
It begs your touch as a primed canvas
Starved of the zeal of a generous brush,
Whose strokes deplete all uncertainty.
Galaxies collapse and are born behind
Your idealist, kaleidoscope eyes
And daring to stand in the path of your rare overflow, I
Do, time and time again, die;
In the turbulence of your mind,
In the wrath of your autonomy.
I wear a jaw, gaping in awe
That aches from asking so many questions,
Hanging slack to consume all of your hesitant answers.
Brimming spirit of noise and color is alive in the dull and sparse.
That minimalist smile does not compromise your exuberance,
The fullness of your thunderous laugh.
I am broken, holding your gate ajar;
One eye going blind in the fray.
I look into the sun in the cage of your chest,
And its shrapnel brilliance nearly strips me away.
I haven’t the brawn to keep it open
But I am emaciated enough to slip through and be trapped.
I see now what you meant about catching lovers
As I am greeted with the bones crowding the chasms of your heart.

By Rohini D. James
Copyright January 2015
All Rights Reserved.

Pray, Do Not Break Me.


Is it wrong to let love guide my hands over you?
Will these charming words betray me in the morning?
They are far too heavy on my tongue to be empty;
Sweet nothings

Will the sun’s beams shatter upon us tomorrow,
While we fall into shards as well?
You cannot promise that we will not
Yet, it may just set our bed of roses ablaze again.

I can only hope.

I stand unsteadily my love.
The floor is collapsing in my weaknesses.
I would ease so certainly into the trap door my love
If I was confident to meet not knives, but caresses.

Still I let you have me
With little more than quivering hope.

By Rohini James
Copyright December 2013
All Rights Reserved

A Time To Reflect: Demons. We All Have Them.

Regardless of your affinities to the genre or the band I believe there are things of immense value in the lyrics.

I listened to the song “Demons” by Imagine Dragons and felt an overwhelming sense of being human. I didn’t like it.

The people I thought of while drawing this are the people to whom I owe my happiness because they make it so much easier to exist. Anyone who knows something painful about my past even if I was smiling when I confessed it, I care because I let you see that abandoned, self-destructive and perpetually angry thing that dwells just under my skin. This is what many of us crave: acceptance and companionship and it is one of the greatest human gifts.

Thank you for accepting me.

By Rohini James
Copyright November 2013
All Rights Reserved

Lonely At The Top

I’ll admire very battle scar if you fought a noble war.
When impoverished by thy kindness would I love you all the more.
When broken by a brother’s burden mercy lavished will befall
But if on pride thou dost strut should I scorn thy breed of tall.

Arrogance bleeds scarlet letters, spelling empty self-praise.
The loveliness of a pedestal is marred and laid to waste.
What merit have these vanities, devoid of any soul?
You are crumbling under these trophies, the condemnations gold.

How must love entreat thee if you have wed a glass reflection?
‘Tis a lonely life but you see it not, too enamored with thy deception.
What values placed could er’ compare a warm kiss to medals of stone?
Not a soul cares or would have you near as you achieve these great milestones alone.

By Rohini James
Copyright November 2013
All Rights Reserved