January Mornings

Lights hung strung under the night, haphazardly
Against the robust silhouette of a sleeping land
Like tangled christmas strings that never blink and never change.
They were doused and swallowed black, one by one as the evening aged
And waned into dawn.

The lingering moon yawned, taking the night into its pearl circumference.
Heaven was warmed by the sun;
Yonder lazing star that sedated the moon and its glinting children
Until nothing was left but the cotton exhales of the day
Leisurely billowing by.

January mornings should bless me with wings
While there is dew and light I would want for nothing
For I could join in under the fire of the east
While my home sleeps
In the cold shadows of the first dawns of the year.

By Rohini D. James
Copyright January 2015
All Rights Reserved

Sing To Me

The love songs that raised me
Echo and are distant.
I love them
But with nostalgic detachment
That is to remain in lost moments
I am made womanly by their memories

This new song brings a pounding to my chest
Even though you never really could sing.
And I ate up the spectacle of your presence
Relishing every faultless treasure you spun in your throat

Time teaches patience that I am less than eager to learn.

My breaths are arrested in the fanfare
That heralds the daydreams I’ve followed to get here.
The night is no time for dreaming
As the moon announces departing.
In the solitude of darkness I find myself
Clutching at my heart that you still hold
Humming that tune, melodious gold.

By Rohini James
Copyright March 2014
All Rights Reserved

A Warning

How time has made me bitter
Or am i wrong to blame time for your crimes? Still I am,
A once decadent wine that has turned to a vinegar poison.
I am trying so desperately to heal
And your toxic love is something of a virus.
You snare as you are excised, yet
My recovery, the sweetness of being well
Frees me from the sympathy that once bound me to you.

You refused to share my sorrows.
Why must I undertake your crosses,
Your burdens of madening weight
Adorned prettily in lies and hues of vanity?

All that settles is dust.
Even after I am long gone
I know you will come
Waging some hellspawned war.
I am the holder of your prison’s key
And by the possession of bravery,
Or stubborness or conceit of battles won
I am a cruel and underhanded fighter,
One who has forgotten how to run.

By Rohini D. James
Copyright March 2014
All Rights Reserved

Velvet Splendor

Velvet Splendor

The world around us is outwardly infinite

as is the mind inwardly so.

No sky is ever purely black

unless we make it so.

By Rohini James
Copyright December 2013
All Rights Reserved

Light Symphony

The northern air chides us
With a chill that will not forgive.
It is met by exhales of awe
That, betwixt us, comforts the pale and shuddering.

No richer a healing touch has er’ been bestowed.
Its atmosphere a sheer blessing, on time stol’n, privilege borrowed.

We will not be swayed,
nor enticed by yonder flame beyond the enamoring of the sky above us.
Will you rule it all with me
Upon threadbare blanket that is neither regal nor esteemed?
I would respect it as a kingdom, our ribboned alcove aloft.

Majesty is rising, crowning in birth without horizon’s limits
Giving whispers as an anthem to which Arctic banners wave.
The moon commands awe and silence, and she wafts her waters on
To swallow the last of the sun, drinking it’s scarlet shards
It is ours now. The moon subsides for us
And her mirror is still, reflecting nature’s effervescence in ecstatic streaks
The northern lights that brought us here,
and will die in the morning blue, tearing love’s nation apart.

No richer a healing touch has er’ been bestowed.
Its atmosphere a sheer blessing, on time stol’n, privilege borrowed.
Dare not speak. Poseidon sleeps under Hestia’s symphony of light.

I float in that firmament
Thriving in cloudless frosting sighs
Kissed by an angel’s rain of gentle white
That anoints like nothing else
On skin that has felt the scorn of brimstone.
Catharsis residing in her explosive kingdoms of light.

By Rohini James
Copyright December 2013
All Rights Reserved