I had hoped that the bass would be heavy enough to anchor me
And my headphones sturdy enough to cradle my mind
That threatened oozing from my ears.
I wanted crooning violins that sang condolences.
The world paraded past hurriedly,
Barely sparing time to judge me.

I did not mind.

This must be what feeling alive is.
Full and overflowing, I spill terribly into every space
And I am thinly spread, and feeble.
I do not flow with the grace of the songs that set me in motion.

Even whispers of the faintest hymns find me easy to tease,
Titillated to tumult that falls like chains
And surround me like carnage

I do not mind

Silence gathers me up once the serenade ends
And time forgives me
For my half-scream-half-sung songs
So too does it turn a blind eye
To the lashings of my halved soul.

*The title of this poem, “Consōlārī” is a Latin word meaning ‘to console’*

By Rohini D. James
Copyright November 2014
All Rights Reserved

Sing To Me

The love songs that raised me
Echo and are distant.
I love them
But with nostalgic detachment
That is to remain in lost moments
I am made womanly by their memories

This new song brings a pounding to my chest
Even though you never really could sing.
And I ate up the spectacle of your presence
Relishing every faultless treasure you spun in your throat

Time teaches patience that I am less than eager to learn.

My breaths are arrested in the fanfare
That heralds the daydreams I’ve followed to get here.
The night is no time for dreaming
As the moon announces departing.
In the solitude of darkness I find myself
Clutching at my heart that you still hold
Humming that tune, melodious gold.

By Rohini James
Copyright March 2014
All Rights Reserved



Joy can be eternal if we find the loveliness of despair, situate ourselves in appreciation of circumstance and dance in the storms instead of just getting drenched in our own pity.

By Rohini James
Copyright December 2013
All Rights Reserved

A Time To Reflect: Demons. We All Have Them.

Regardless of your affinities to the genre or the band I believe there are things of immense value in the lyrics.

I listened to the song “Demons” by Imagine Dragons and felt an overwhelming sense of being human. I didn’t like it.

The people I thought of while drawing this are the people to whom I owe my happiness because they make it so much easier to exist. Anyone who knows something painful about my past even if I was smiling when I confessed it, I care because I let you see that abandoned, self-destructive and perpetually angry thing that dwells just under my skin. This is what many of us crave: acceptance and companionship and it is one of the greatest human gifts.

Thank you for accepting me.

By Rohini James
Copyright November 2013
All Rights Reserved